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If your school area has been chosen for the PHOENIX TOWERVALE tour, please find your ZONE on the MAP BELOW, then find the corresponding number in the dates list. On the calendar below that, set your time zone, then click through dates until you find dates in YOUR ZONE. If there are still dates and times available, they will appear on the calendar in bold. You MUST book in YOUR ZONE, please make sure not to book in the wrong zone. Click on a day in your zone, pick your time, and follow the simple instructions to book your event. You’ll receive a confirmation email, then follow up emails as your event draws near. **Note: occasionally the calendar won’t work behind a school WiFi firewall. If you experience an error, try booking from a different location.

Phoenix map.png
  1. Zone 1: February 3 - 7

  2. Zone 2: February 10 - 14

  3. Zone 3: February 17 - 21

  4. Zone 4: February 24 - 28

  5. Zone 5: March 2 - 6

  6. Zone 6: March 16 - 20

  7. Zone 7: March 23 - 27

  8. Zone 8: March 30 - April 3

  9. Zone 9: April 6 - 9

  10. Zone 10: April 13 - 17

If all the dates are already taken, click here and we’ll add you to a list for potential openings that may become available.