Librarians love Towervale events!

I have had many parents and grandparents come up and tell me how wonderful it is to have their child ask to turn off family movie night to read Towervale! THANK YOU for being innovative, and creative enough to beat the technology by incorporating it into the realm of reading. Suzanne Yeakey, Sage Elementary School

If you have the opportunity to host a Towervale visit at your school, it will be THE best thing you do all year! The kids are ignited, and the teachers too! Thanks for a wonderful afternoon! Lori Gascon, Three Rivers Elementary School

My students all agree Towervale was their favorite assembly of the year and they can’t wait to start reading Towervale! Melissa Benner, Jenken’s Creek Elementary School

The presentation at the assembly was very entertaining and engaging.  The kids were extremely excited to order/read the book.  I especially noticed some reluctant readers who were first takers in getting the book; their faces said it all!  I have never seen one particular reluctant reader more eager to start a book than when he bought his copy of Towervale!!! Mary Ann McCarthy, Librarian, Clyde Hill Elementary

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My students can’t stop raving about Towervale! They come to Library every day and tell me what level they have reached in the game and how they can’t wait to get home and read the next section. It has truly sparked a love of reading for them. Patrick Carman has found the way to engage young readers in this brilliantly written interactive book. Mitzi Spitzer, Elementary Library Media Specialist, Boze Elementary School

All about Towervale

My students love Towervale! One 5th grade student said he stayed up until midnight to finish the book (in one sitting) and talked about discovering the tricks to the game. (Like the flight ability level). He couldn’t wait for me to finish the book so I can chat with him!  Jennifer Druffel, Librarian, Adams Elementary School

Everyone NEEDS to check out this book! You read a chapter of the book and then go online to play a level of a video game. When you beat that level, it tells you what page to go to in the book next. My students LOVE it! Colleen McNamara, Teacher, Alexander Elementary School

Towervale might, maybe, almost be better than Skeleton Creek. My students loving it so much! Lovina Youngman , 6th grade teacher, Belvedere Middle School

Our kids LOVE TOWERVALE! They can’t wait for the next one to come out! Debbie Knowlton, Librarian, Ponderosa Elementary School

I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know that the students at Maya Angelou Elementary are soooo excited about this book. At first, they were thinking it was just a book, but then we talked about the book with the game. The students were hooked on immediately. I had a student come up to me just today and said, "I just finished Towervale over the weekend, it was really cool and so much fun. I am hoping there will be more stories to come and I think from the ending he could write more." Some of my students that do not like to read have begun reading with this book because of the game that goes with it.  Pamela D. Richter, Librarian, Maya Angelou Elementary

The response to Patrick Carman’s visit to Woodridge was spectacular.  The students were so eager to read and play the Towervale game was amazing.  The book appealed to both girls and boys.  What was important to me was that students of any level were challenged. Some of the gifted students tried to skip ahead and were not able.  They needed to read the book.  We sold over ninety copies! Linda Peterson, Librarian, Woodridge Elementary School

Random student comments on Towervale today: "I love this book”, "It's awesome that I get to play a game with the book now my mom can't get mad at me for playing since it's part of reading." Joani Gray, Librarian, Willard Elementary School

My students are devouring Towervale, talking Towervale, and playing Towervale, with abandon. The interactive aspect of Towervale has really piqued their curiosity, and they can't get enough of it! Bonita Brown, Librarian, Sacajawea Elementary School